April 2015 - New Album, "A Dollar & A Kiss" in final stages of production

The second studio album of original music from Matt Borrello is almost ready for release. Recording sessions at Fox Run Studio started in September 2014 and wrapped up in March 2015. The mixing and mastering is almost complete. A few of the songs were written way back in 2008-2009 and have been part of Matt's live shows for a while. Two tracks ("A Change is Coming" and "Head to Toe") were written and demoed with Andy Kostek, a noted producer, guitarist, and lyricist from the UK. The "Preview" EP, which circulated briefly on the folk music black market in 2013, included those and five other songs which have been rearranged, revitalized, and rerecorded on A Dollar & a Kiss. Some are newer and came together on the studio floor with the help of producer Neale Eckstein and co-producer and percussionist Jagoda (who is obviously a Jedi knight). 

Bass guitar services were provided by Tom Bianchi, a local legend in Boston and one of the hardest working men in show business. Steve Latanision, one of the cats from Tom's band (The Baker Thomas) played fiddle, pedal steel, and mandolin. Long time member of Matt Borrello's band, Brian Strange, performed brilliant organ and piano parts. Upcoming singer-songwriter and all around genius musician/composer Matt Nakoa lent his wurlitzer skills on the song "Impulse and Obsession" and played the Jerry-Lee-Lewis-style piano part on "Glimpse of God". Those two songs also feature Pat Wictor, a member of the band Brother Sun and an established singer-songwriter in his own right, playing some dirty blues slide on his custom acoustic/electric lapsteel. Matt Borrello performed all the other guitars and all the vocals, and, for better of for worse, also played some electric mandolin and electric vibraphone. 

Matt will be actively touring in support of this album during Summer 2015.


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