A Dollar & A Kiss - 2015

"A Dollar & A Kiss", Matt's new studio album is officially available and ready to order on the web (paypal button to the right) or purchase at a show. It features 11 original songs ranging from solo acoustic folk to full band electric blues and rock. He will be touring extensively in the coming year in support of the album, which was recorded at Fox Run Studios in Sudbury, MA in 2014. The tracks are well arranged and expertly recorded by producer Neale Eckstein and co-producer/percussionist, Steve Jagoda. The album features the talents of musicians Pat Wictor (slide guitar), Tom Bianchi (bass), Matt Nokoa (piano), Brian Strange (organ), and Steve Latanision (violin, mandolin, pedal steel).

Steady Rolling - A simple folk/blues tune featuring resonator guitars, light percussion, and a crispy harmonica solo. Written on the banks of the Taunton River in Southeastern Massachussetts.

 A Change is Coming - A foggy morning type of ballad with a jazz approach. More like a standard than an automatic. Not a political song, despite the title. Written in the UK during the fall of 2013 with the help of guitarist/lyricist/producer Andy Kostek.

 Glimpse of God - A sneering-and-snarling, unabashedly finger-pointing rockabilly protest song. Lyrically inspired by George Carlin and musically inspired by the Rolling Stones. Featuring the incomparable Pat Wictor on lap steel.

 Impulse and Obsession - A psychoanalysis monologue over a reggae rhythm. Choppy organ and guitars take stabs at each other while Pat Wictor's lap steel slithers in and out between the vocal lines.

Tear It Down - Stream of consciousness lyrics about renewal and forgiveness with an arrangement reminiscent of late 70s/early 80s rock like REM, U2, and Bruce Springsteen. On a vinyl record or a casette tape, this would be the last track on Side 1.

Can't Help But Wonder - A slow and smoldering dirge about the search for satisfaction. The bright and jangling chorus gives way to an intense electric violin solo by Steve Latanision from the Baker Thomas Band, whose leader, Tom Bianchi, plays a beautiful bass ostinato during the outro.

When You Lose a Friend - a stripped down acoustic finger picking ballad about the loss of a fellow musician. Also features lilting violin counterpoint lines.

Head to Toe - A jazz influenced love-and-lust song featuring hand percussion, electric piano, and hollow body Gretsch guitar lines. Also written in the UK with Andy Kostek providing most of the lyrics and Matt fleshing out the chords.

 Putting Out the Flame - An uptempo road worn song about pulling over and cooling the engine when the world's demands are too hard to handle. Features Steve Latanision on mandolin and pedal steel.

 Falcon Ridge - A quiet but quick acoustic blues with a banjo inspired guitar riff that first came into existence under the moon and stars at the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival.

 I'm a Rambler Now - A pensive Americana ballad about moving on and trying to live free. The crescendo during the outro features interwoven piano, pedal steel, and 12-string electric guitar.



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